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EDM.com Spotlight

19 EDM Acts Your Parents Will Actually Like

Does your mother know where your ears have been?

There comes a time in every EDM fan’s life when the parents start to get curious. They’ve witnessed you slink out of the house in neon-shorts in freezing weather. They’ve been awoken by the faint, rhythmic thumping of bass in the middle of the night.

And now, they’re asking you for a mixtape. Don’t fret; here’s a lineup of 19 producers who are sure to impress the parents. We’ve included the complex, the accessible, the exceptionally talented, and the fun. We’re not trying to scare mom here.

But don’t blame us when she pulls up in the driveway blasting Zedd. Actually, do just that.

Daft Punk

We’ll start with the basics because, really, who doesn’t like Daft Punk? The duo has worked their way into both legendary and mainstream levels in a way that no other producers have.

James Blake

There’s a high probability that your parents will regard this English producer as “real music.” It’s mellow, melodic, and extremely listenable.


His tunes are dark and moody—reminiscent of the electronic music that was being pumped out in the early ‘90s. It’s the opposite of the goofy stuff your dad thinks you’re listening to.

Duck Sauce

Depending on the tone of your parents disco-related memories, this could go either way. But, there are major points here for technical skill and respect for music history and culture.

Jon Hopkins

Parents love Coldplay, and Coldplay loves Jon Hopkins. This English producer has musically contributed to their recent albums and has even toured with the band.


These two brothers are out there showing the world that drum machines do in fact have souls. There’s a reason they recently took over the globe.


Backing the obvious pop-appeal is a collection of heavy beats and a massive following. As to how they got there, just have a listen.


It’s dub, but not the type that makes you want to start a fight with the person standing next to you. Safe for the car ride, yet still dirty enough for experienced ears.


There are some unexpected benefits of listening to deadmau5 with mom or dad. They probably won’t know of his latest internet drama and might actually focus on the music.

Major Lazer

Upbeat, unique, and fun are all fair selling points. Maybe we should keep that whole twerking thing on the down low, though.


There’s a good chance that mom or dad has heard “Wake Me Up” or “Hey Brother” in the car, on TV, or in a store. That is the perfect opportunity to take their interest to the next level.

Dillon Francis

Dad? Dillon Francis loves your parents, and given his music’s ability to produce a two-step and smile, they’ll like him too.

Big Gigantic

Not only is the live instrument aspect a plus, said instrument is a saxophone. That’s classy enough for your parents' parents, but let’s not get too ahead of ourselves.

The Glitch Mob

Tired of hearing that the music you like is just a guy pushing some buttons? We present The Glitch Mob: three guys pushing many buttons to make really, really awesome music.


How do these shining and inspirational tracks some from such a young mind? Talent, that’s how. Tracks like “The City” don’t need much convincing, either.


Zedd has already won a Grammy this year; now, maybe he can win over the crowd in the family sedan. If the popularity of “Clarity” is any indication, the answer is a resounding yes.

Pretty Lights

The funk and soul are there, plus his last album is constructed from analogue instruments. If that doesn’t do the trick, there’s always the fact his name was inspired by Pink Floyd.

Duke Dumont

This guy has been around the block, but his 2014 breakout hit “Need You (100%)” is a nod to the old-school. Memories might come back to your parents, but dance moves aren’t guaranteed to follow.

Armin van Buuren

If the astronomical energy and his flying melodies don't sell themselves, just drop the fact that Armin was once compared to Johann Sebastian Bach in the Huffington Post.

Written by Hunter Mulich

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