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EDM.com Spotlight

"Pacemaker" DJ App for iPad Launches With Spotify Compatibility

Only a few years ago, it would have cost quite some money to get started as DJ. Now, apps like Pacemaker make it easy and free to start mixing. The minimalistic iPad mixing app allows users to connect to their Spotify account to access and mix any song from Spotify’s music database. Not only that, but the app also allows for the usage of any songs in an iTunes library.

The accessibility provided by the app could potentially lead to a whole new influx of aspiring DJs in the near future. 

Pacemaker allows for basic mixing techniques like crossfading, scratching, and looping in addition to effects like “Reverb,” “Echo,” and “Roll,” which are also available as purchases inside the app. Below, we have included Pacemaker's own description of the app.

- Mix millions of tracks with Spotify 
Pacemaker is the first DJ app connected to Spotify. This gives you millions of tracks at your fingertips and endless possibilities to create something new or simply find and mix the music you love. Pacemaker for iPad offers a Spotify Free Trial to fully enjoy a world of music and DJing. 
- Reverb 
Size matters. Reverb lets you control the size of the room, from a small hut to the largest of cathedrals. 
- Loop 
Shoop da loop! Create synchronized loops on the fly; Split or double, exit and re-loop. Also included is the exclusive Pacemaker Loop Travel which produces a glitchy effect by making a small loop travel along the soundwave. 
- Beatskip 
Jump around! Jump around! Skip a pre-determined number of beats forwards or backwards to create stutter and jumps in the playback. 
- Sync the beats 
One of the most appreciated features amongst both beginners and professionals is automatic beat syncing. It gives you the possibility to instantly sync tempo and phase of two tracks by tapping the SYNC button.