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Local Belgian Residents Aren't Down for Two Weekends of Tomorrowland Partying

Will weekend two of Tomorrowland 2014 really be canceled?

We may have to say goodbye to the second weekend of Tomorrowland, as the people of Boom, Belgium are petitioning to have it cancelled. According to Exqlusiv.com, the citizens are taking it to court to demand the festival to be limited to one weekend, calling it a nuisance. The lawyer of the local residents says that Tomorrowland does not have the necessary permits to expand to a second weekend. With Tomorrowland being only several months away, there will be no further discussion between the residents and the festival. 

In the past, Tomorrowland has always been kind to the local residents of Boom, handing out free tickets and festival tours. It seems as though this is not enough anymore. Tomorrowland is always about bringing people together from around the world to celebrate life, love, and music. With the festival only occurring once a year, is it really that much of a problem to have a second weekend? Maybe the people of Boom just need to open their minds to a little more peace, love, unity, and respect. 

If you would like the second weekend to continue as planned, sign the petition here.

[H/T: exqlusiv.com]

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