EDM.com Spotlight

EDM.com Spotlight

Torro Torro's High Energy EDM.com Winter Mix + Interview Will Warm Up Your Life

Warm up with Torro Torro's Winter Mix while learning more about the duo in our interview!

Torro Torro, a Toronto-based duo consisting of Mike Gonek and Evan Norton, have provided EDM.com with an exclusive mix that is going to become the soundtrack of your winter. In addition to the awesome mix, I conducted an email interview with the duo so that their fans could get a bit of insight into their lives as producers and touring DJs. Give the mix a listen below, and read EDM.com's exclusive interview with Torro Torro underneath the SoundCloud player while you're endlessly dancing in your seat!

If you're interested in downloading the mix for free, head to Torro Torro's Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/torrotorro

With this mix, Torro Torro had a clear goal in mind. They told EDM.com, “[It's] a high octane mix from start to finish. It's comprised of as many of our personal favourites, tunes from our homies, and of course a bunch of exclusive content that we could pack into 20 or so minutes. Due to limiting the length (our seasonal mixes are always about 30 minutes give-or-take), the mix doesn't dive into our other tempos of choice, but we have to save something for the live shows and parties."

Aside from their new mix, the duo just finished up a massive 2013 that was full of touring. In fact, they played a whopping 110 shows throughout the year, including a successful run on the Animal House Tour with Bro Safari. Their time on the road was an inspiring time for the duo. Torro Torro says, “Playing in new markets and meeting new fans is really rewarding! Those interactions become the fuel to making new high energy music. We were also able to meet some great up and coming vocal talents that we will be incorporating in our forthcoming releases.”

However, there are also some downfalls to being on the road so often. “Brace yourself for #djscomplaining,” says Torro Torro. “All the time spent in airports or waiting around when you could be getting shit done or sleeping in. Also, traveling to a really amazing place for a single day and not having a chance to roam around and see the sights can be bittersweet.”

When it comes to touring, there are always some crazy stories to be told. According to the duo, the craziest things to happen out on the road were "Starting a riot with Bro Safari in Orlando, turning the venue into a strip club in Boston, scaring people at Wal-Mart in Alabama, and cliff jumping in Hawaii."

Despite all of their traveling, Torro Torro still had time to work on some awesome new tracks. Throughout 2013, we developed a number of great originals, ranging from 70-135 BPM. Our next single features an infectious Gospel/R&B vocal that we recorded after our Webster Hall (NYC) Show in December. We have one that has this tuned 90s style vocal and a breakbeat, another super catchy one that's a bit of a deeper vibe, and a couple we can't really categorize but definitely suited for the club,” says the duo.

It was also great to hear that they have a few vocal tracks in the pipeline. “Another two tracks feature the vocals of Toronto based artists; including the voice of Starving Yet Full (Former Azari&III). We’ve also got a real fresh/more minimal tune called 'Ca$hville' that’s already been bubbling in some of our buddies set, as well as our own. It’s taken some time but we’re really excited about these tracks seeing the light of day in 2014.”

When it comes to producing music, the workflow for the duo varies. Torro Torro says, “Nowadays each song is different, it really depends on the flow. Sometimes we’ll hammer away in one session, and it works. Other times, we’ll build initial ideas independently, bring them all together and see where that goes. Other times, it's just random, maybe you start with a weird sample or just a drum beat.  That's what's cool about making music these days, you're constantly reevaluating the entire process with every new song. It's pretty open ended, and that's what we like so much about what we do."

In terms of collaborations with other producers, Gonek and Norton have formulated a plan that makes a lot of sense for their Torro Torro brand moving forward. The duo says, “We've steered away from collabs till now because we really wanted to put the Torro Torro flag in the ground with these new originals. It's something that is always there for us and something to consider more once we establish this next run of releases we have been working on. Also would be cool to do an Animal House track with everyone on one song (Bro Safari, Etc! Etc!, CRNKN, Brillz, UFO).”

Their 2013 was huge, but I have a feeling that 2014 will be even bigger for the duo. In 2014, Torro Torro concisely told me their fans should be looking forward to one thing: "New.fucking.music."

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