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Weekly Playlist: Relax and Groove Mix

Get your groove on this week with a house inspired mix.

In light of the half-snow day I’m now experiencing in Syracuse, this week’s playlist feels even more appropriate. Relax and Groove is theme this week, and that’s exactly what you’ll want to do when you hear it. So no matter what the weather is like near you, turn up the volume, kick up your feet, and get ready to spend the next 41 minutes tuning out the world.

We start things off slow this week, giving you a chance to get in the zone with Fehrplay’s “All by My Self” and Soldisco’s “Top of The World.” Then before you get too relaxed, things get kicked up a notch with the Adventure Club remix of “Crave You” by Flight Facilities.

Next up is Nick Thayer’s remix of Fall Out Boy’s “Light Em Up,” conveniently added for those of us residing in cold weather states purely because the title references fire and warmth. From there we got Myon & Shane 54’s “Hurricane,” for those of you living down south who happen to be more familiar with the liquid form of H20, before moving onto the second half of the mix with Candyland’s remix of “Hide” by Little May.

Pete K keeps the groove going with his private reboot of M83 and Eric Prydz’s “Midnight City,” and then hands off the job to Felix Cartal’s “Young Love.” As we near the end of this week’s mix we have the new one from Andrew Bayer. “Once Lydian” is certain to be making the rounds at festivals this summer so be sure to enjoy the original before all of the remixes make an appearance.

Rounding things out this week is “Queen” by Savoy simply because I’ve been addicted to it since their album release two weeks ago. Got an opinion on this week’s choices? Well, as always, you’re stuck with what I came up with. But also as always, you’re welcome to provide suggestions below for the next time I’m in the mood to groove.

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