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EDM.com Spotlight

Manila Killa – Unsung Producer of the Week

“Don't expect to be pleased with every song I make.”

One of the characteristics I look for in a quality producer is a diverse portfolio of music, and that’s why this week’s unsung producer is Manila Killa. He is a talented 20-year-old Filipino-American producer whose music ranges from hip-hop to future to nu disco, as well as a variety of other genres.

The talented producer was born in Washington D.C. and says he’s influenced most by producers like Oliver, Cashmere Cat, and Wave Racer. One of the most fascinating things about Manila Killa is his perspective on music. In an interview with EDM.com, he told us, “Don't expect to be pleased with every song I make.” His interests and productions are so diverse, and he’s always looking to create something new. Take a listen to Killa’s EDM.com Guest Playlist below to get a feel for the variety of the music he enjoys.

“I prefer collaborations over everything. If you can work with someone to make something bigger and better, then why not?”

Manila Killa is a busy man, currently working on several collaborations and side project, Hotel Garuda, with producer Candle Weather. He told EDM.com, “Collaborations don't happen enough, in my opinion. It's a great way of creating a fresh sound and fusing two styles together.” Hotel Garuda’s first track was a remix of “White Noise” by Disclosure, and it’s a completely fresh rendition with some great saxophone incorporated.

One of my favorite tracks by Manila Killa is a collaboration that he did with AObeats called, “Perfect Strangers.” The track carries summer vibes with a stunning melody and a funky beat.

The live sets that Manila Killa plays are representative of his curious production style, in that he likes to mix things up. “My live sets actually consist of a really broad spectrum of music. One moment I'll play Chingy and a few minutes later I'll be playing The Twelves, then maybe Madeon or Giraffage. The music I listen to doesn't necessarily reflect what I play live. When I play live, I love to throw in as much high energy as possible.” 

Manila Killa doesn’t have any touring plans scheduled yet, but be sure to follow him on Facebook, Twitter, and Soundcloud for updates on future projects. He’s definitely a producer to watch out for.

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