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EDM.com Spotlight

7 Groove Cruise Moments You Needed To Witness

Groove Cruise Provides Fans with 96 Hours of Constant Excitement!

Floating on a ship for an entire weekend with some of your favorite producers is something that every dance music fan should experience in their life. If you ever get the opportunity to go on Groove Cruise (or Holy Ship if that lineup piques your interest a bit more), you need to take it. Being on Groove Cruise for 96 hours was absolutely wild, and it's going to be hard to truly convey the madness that took place on the ship. However, I will do my best to do the Groove Cruise justice. Check out my seven favorite things that happened on Groove Cruise below!

Toothpaste Man Brushing Everything

Everyone on the ship knew the Toothpaste ManHis video at Ultra last year went viral on YouTube over 500,000 views. I've never seen such a big man have so much energy before. During every set I saw him at, he was brushing his teeth and crotch as well as doing brushing motions to everyone around him in the crowd. By the last day, he had acquired an inflatable crocodile. With a marker, he wrote “TPM's Cock.....Oops, I Mean Croc” on the inflatable crocodile. For the entire last day on the ship, he brought his croc everywhere and even brushed his teeth. Over the first few days of the cruise, Toothpaste Man had clearly become one of the celebrities on the ship. By the time the cruise ended, his crocodile had become almost as famous. Every DJ on the ship seemed to love him. Hell, even Feenixpawl and Pierce Fulton walked up to him and asked him to brush their teeth. I have to give major props to the Toothpaste Man for turning a simple toothbrush and a toothpaste outfit into one of the most entertaining things I've set my eyes on at a show.

Anthony Attalla's Existence

I will admit that I didn't listen to Anthony Attalla's music prior to boarding Groove Cruise. However, after seeing him in person, he has become one of my favorite people in the music industry. His Incorrect Music label hosted the afterhours party for the first three nights of the cruise. I missed the first night, but I made it out to the second night to see Marco Bailey spin a sunrise set. From the time Bailey took the stage, Attalla was running all over the place, slapping high-fives with everyone behind the DJ booth. I lost track of how many times Attalla goodheartedly spanked his good friend, Bailey. Attalla's infectious energy helped keep everyone behind the stage awake well past the sunrise. On the third night, Attalla spun and treated the afterhours crowd to an awesome set. I wanted it to last longer than two hours, but it was okay, as the ending of Attalla's set meant that he could run around some more and brighten up some tired people's moods at 4am. I gave Attalla a ton of high-fives throughout the cruise, but I had yet to receive a hug, which seemed to be reserved for his closest friends. However, as CocoDrills kicked off their 7am set with the sun above us, Attalla approached me for a hug. As soon as he reached me, I picked him up in the air—it just felt right. Even though I didn't know the man prior to the cruise, it felt like Incorrect Afterhours had created an unbreakable bond.

Old School Hip-Hop Party

On a ship that was full of non-stop house and trance music, it was awesome to be able to attend a little hip hop party for a few hours. As much as I love dance music, it can become a bit tiring to hear for 96 hours straight. Throughout the entire old school hip-hop party, hit after hit from my childhood kept blaring out of the speakers. DJ Scooter set the party off right with a good amount of Notorious BIG and Snoop Dogg. When he dropped “Oochie Wallie,” I couldn't believe my ears. After Scooter, Cato K took the stage. He played a number of songs from A Tribe Called Quest—my favorite hip hop group of all-time. Also, he dropped “Da Rockwilder” by Method Man and Redman and “Rosa Parks” by Outkast. When I was a kid, I actually searched for the lyrics for both of those songs and memorized all of them. It was the first time I had ever searched for lyrics on the internet in my life. Overall, the hip-hop party was a nice little slice of nostalgia. Give "Da Rockwilder" a listen below and find out why I was so excited to hear it on some big speakers. 

Whet Foundation's Trip to an Orphanage

Once the ship reached our destination of Cozumel, the Whet Foundation set off for Ciudad de Angeles, an orphanage in the city. To provide you with a bit of background, the Whet Foundation is the charity arm of Whet Travel—the company that puts together Groove Cruise. In addition to the Whet Foundation, any volunteers were allowed to visit the orphanage. As one of the volunteers, I helped bring one of the many bags of donated clothes to the children at the orphanage. After a tour of the orphans' living quarters, we got to run around on the playground with them, and it was easily one of the best parts of the cruise. I received a few knee scrapes going down a slide not meant for a 6-foot-tall human being, but it was well worth it. It was absolutely heartbreaking to leave the kids after we played with them. Kudos to the Whet Foundation for putting this together and helping out the Cozumel community.

Playa Mia Beach Party

The Playa Mia Beach Party was a great opportunity for cruisers to head out to the beach in Cozumel and bask in the sun while listening to awesome tunes. The party cost $40 if you purchased a ticket ahead of time, and it included an open bar and food. With Sultan & Ned Shepard and John Dahlback headlining the party, the price tag was well worth it. After being on a ship for a few days, dancing on the sand to some awesome house tunes with a margarita in your hand was exactly what the doctor ordered. 

Feenixpawl and Digital Lab's B2B Set

Feenixpawl and Digital Lab had separate set times, but it eventually turned into a massive B2B set. Their song selection was on point throughout the entire set. However, what made this set truly stand out above the rest was the extracurricular activity taking place throughout the room. Adrian Lux, Sultan, Ned Shepard, Pierce Fulton, and The Toothpaste Man were all present during the set. Soon after the set started, Josh Soon of Feenixpawl gave Toothpaste Man a bottle of Johnnie Walker Black Label, which was being shared by essentially everyone in attendance. The Toothpaste Man was even brought on stage to be the dancer for the entire set. With a bottle of Black Label in one hand and a toothbrush in the other hand, he hyped the crowd up and got everyone excited. It quickly got out of hand, with Pierce Fulton walking into the crowd and attempting to give a shoulder ride and falling on his face. At one point, a fan in a red morphsuit showed up to the set, and Adrian Lux jumped off the stage and unsuspectingly picked the fan up in the air. The camaraderie between all of the producers onstage permeated through the crowd, making for an unforgettable set that everyone was fortunate to be a part of!

Markus Schulz's 6-Hour Set on His Birthday

On the last day of the cruise, Markus Schulz spun an open to close 6-hour set from 11pm to 5am. Just an hour into his set, the clock struck midnight, and the calendar turned to February 3. The new day meant that Schulz had just turned 39. Groove Cruise staff members wheeled out a birthday cake for the international star, and everyone in the crowd cheered for the birthday boy. Aside from the birthday celebration, Schulz spun an absolutely amazing set. He opened up for himself with some techno and tech-house, progressed into some trance, then decided to bring us down into the rabbit hole with some extremely deep tracks. Eventually, we dug ourselves out of the rabbit hole and our ears were graced with some of Schulz's biggest trance hits. He completely surprised me later in his set when he played “Need U (100%)” by Duke Dumont. I know that Schulz plays songs all over the musical spectrum during his marathon sets, but I did not expect to hear something as funky as that tune. Since it was the last major set of the cruise, numerous famous producers were on stage behind Schulz throughout the set. They all seemed to be having a great time—especially Pierce Fulton. He took photos throughout the set, then seemingly challenged himself to a wet t-shirt contest and poured an entire beer on himself. It was great to see the producers in an environment where they are simply having fun while listening to their colleagues spin. Schulz's mind-blowing set made everyone expend so much energy, and it was the perfect way to end Groove Cruise. 

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