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Steve Aoki vs. R3hab: Battle of The Jumps

Who do you think has the better jump?

While a live DJ set may sound like a pretty stand still performance, it can actually be really interactive. The more energy the DJ displays on stage, the more energy they’ll receive from the crowd. Stage presence is a huge factor in how well a set is going to play out. It could be as simple as just smiling and dancing along to your music to let your fans know you’re having just as much fun as they are. Most DJs have their own signature move such as waving their arms, spirit fingers, fist pumping or clapping. Today we’ll be focusing on the good old-fashionend jump. 

Los Angeles producer and Dim Mak Record label head Steve Aoki has to be one of the most interactive DJs in the electronic dance music scene. He sings, he dances, he throws cakes, and he has even coined his own jump as the “Aoki Jump.” What’s really cool is that Aoki has taken his “Aoki Jump” away from the stage, documenting it with photos at different cities and landmarks all around the world. You'll have to check out his official Instagram page to see all the amazing places the Aoki Jump has been.

If I could name one person who gets more into their own live sets than any other DJ, it would be Dutch producer R3hab. This guy takes DJing and dancing to a whole new level. He is constantly moving around, fist pumping, and jumping off his DJ table. It's no wonder why he is always drenched in sweat after his performance. The vertical leap of his “R3jump” is absolutely ridiculous. If you put a table in front of him, he could totally clear it. Just look at these photos below and his official Instagram for a bunch more.

Steve Aoki and R3hab must have taken notice that the fans truly love their jumps since they recently collaborated and released one of their latest tracks titled “Flight.” The track is an absolute festival banger with a vocal drop preparing everyone to jump. You can listen to the track below, but what we want to know is who rocks the jump better, the Aoki Jump or R3jump?

All photos taken from Steve Aoki & R3hab's Instagram

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