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Weekly Twitter Roundup 005

This week on Twitter…

…producers and the music industry were all over the place. The week began with Krewella doing their own Super Bowl performance and Dillon Francis lending his music to a commercial with Skrillex. Then Spotify made it easier for us to try our hand at being DJs while 3LAU reminded us of those little blue men from the 90s. Capping off the week is a rather profound statement on the Olympics courtesy of Paavo from Above & Beyond.

1. Krewella’s surprise halftime show

While most Americans were watching Bruno Mars own the stage during the Super Bowl Halftime Show, Krewella made a surprise appearance in Chelsea and graced bar patrons with an impromptu performance. Needless to say, we wish we were at that bar instead of at home.

2. Dillon Francis, Skrillex, and Ellen DeGeneres made a commercial

Electronic music was everywhere during the Super Bowl, including in a Beats commercial that featured Francis’ “IDGAFOS,” and a bear that had an uncanny resemblance to Skrillex.

3. Spotify launched a DJ app

The streaming service launched Pacemaker for iPad this week. Basically, the app allows DJs to take any song in Spotify’s library and work it into their set. Of course, we hope no real DJs plan on using this app during a live set. Read more about it here.

4. 3LAU gave us an earworm

Remember that song “I’m Blue (dabadee dabadie)” from the 90s? Well 3LAU thought it’d be funny to semi-quote that oh-so-lovely track in a tweet. If you have no idea why this is amusing, watch the video and you’ll see why.

5. Paavo tweeted what we’re all thinking

The Winter Olympics have officially begun in Sochi despite objections to Russia’s stance on homosexuality. Over the years, some athletes have used their moment on the podium to protest things such as civil rights and war, so it’s only logical to speculate what will happen in Sochi. #GoTeamUSA

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