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EDM.com Spotlight

You Need Phonat’s 'Never' EP In Your Life

You'll plow right though these previews of Phonat's Never EP!

Pull up a chair, get comfortable, and prepare to have these new Phonat previews leave an unforgettable impression on your mind. As the follow up to his groundbreaking Identity Theft EP, his forthcoming Never EP offers up four red-hot tracks (two originals and two remixes) that are hell-bent on setting your eardrums ablaze. Due out through OWSLA on February 18th, this promising production is one you’ll surely want to immerse yourself in immediately.

A mishmash of various genres and styles, Phonat’s dynamic sound is seemingly impossible to categorize. Imagine Culprate meets The Floozies, add in a dash of Opiuo just for good measure, and you’re headed in the right direction. “Never,” the predominant title track from his EP, presents us with an absolutely beautiful blend of funk and soul. Delicate string patterns carefully caress your eardrums and a rock solid bass line helps the beat remain in constant motion. Phonat then decides to execute a full-on flip-flop with “Phase To Face.” Between its gurgling synths and unconventional percussion, this tune is an instant ear-catcher! In addition to those first two songs, you won’t want to overlook the remixes of “Never” from Asa & Sorrow and Icarus. The first is some nasty neurohop, and the latter is a jovial house ballad—both of them are spectacular!

I honestly can’t recall the last time I witnessed such a wide variety of wonderful sounds squeezed into a four-track production. Phonat is brimming with unlimited potential, and the Never EP is just a tiny sampling of this producer’s creative capabilities.

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