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EDM.com Spotlight

Victor Niglio's Generosity Helps Push G-Buck's Career Forward

Last week, Victor Niglio published a photo on his social media platforms that came as a pleasant surprise to music fans everywhere. Out of the blue, he bought a brand new Macbook Pro for one of his fellow producers, G-Buck

An unfortunate move by G-Buck led to his previous laptop being rendered useless. He says, “I was working on music, and I made a really sudden movement with my headphones plugged in. The wire from the headphones knocked over my coffee and completely drenched the motherboard.” 

Victor Niglio's decision to buy the laptop came as a complete surprise to G-Buck. “We were supposed to grab lunch, and he said let's hit the mall,” says G-Buck. “I was like, okay cool, and we ended up at the Apple Store. I thought it was a joke at first, and I didn't believe him—hence why I have that face in the picture. It's like a what you talkin' bout Willis face.”

When I asked Victor what compelled him to buy a brand new laptop for G-Buck, he told me, “Because there was no other way he could get one, and his music is too good for him to be cut short from something so trivial as a lack of equipment.”

G-Buck has the following message for Victor Niglio fans: “Hi guys. I'm not upset in the picture; I'm shocked! But in all seriousness, I just want to thank Victor and everybody who reached out and supports in general. I'll be around for a little while longer now thanks to that guy and that's a blessing by itself!”

If G-Buck's most recent release is an indication of what he'll be producing with his new laptop, we all should be thanking Victor for his generous decision. “Rebel” is an absolutely massive tune. If you have yet to listen to the track, you need to listen to it below.

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