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EDM.com Spotlight

Alan "Claw" Letko Passes Away

RIP Claw

In tragic news that has shocked the music community, Alan Letko recently passed away. Letko is known for his impressive productions under the name Claw in addition to his hit songs with Richie August as a part of the duo Hulk. When EDM.com first received the tragic news, there was a spurt of confusion and shock as to how exactly the talented producer had passed away. According to a post made by Letko’s record label, BroTown Records, the producer passed away last Thursday at his parent’s house in Saratoga Springs, NY.

For many years, Letko spent his days working as one-half of Hulk, producing quality dubstep hits, mixes, and live sets under labels such as Rottun, BroTown, Betamorph, Demon Dub, and more. From this, Letko had only continued to grow as a prominent and memorable member of the dubstep community.

Today, the electronic community should come together in remembrance of the absolute best of Letko and we at EDM.com wish only the best for his family and friends.

The most recent full track uploaded to Hulk's SoundCloud was a Public Enemy remix. Listen to it below and remember Letko for his great contributions to music.

[H/T: DoAndroidsDance]