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EDM.com Spotlight

Star Actor, Idris Elba, Releases Impressive House Mix

Idris Elba is an international star in the world of acting. His performance as Stringer Bell in The Wire was absolutely amazing, and he might have topped that with his Golden Globe-winning role as John Luther in Luther. With those credentials in mind, you might be thinking that Elba is simply jumping on to the dance music bandwagon with his new mix, Look With Your Ears. However, he actually aspired to be a DJ before he became a star actor.

In 1991, Elba spun in England clubs as Big Driis. That's right—he was spinning 23 years ago. As fate would have it, his acting career took off, and his DJ aspirations were put on the backburner. The song selection on his new mix shows that he still keeps up with the best deep house music. I'm impressed with the tracklist he put together, and I'm already on my second listen.


If you're still interested in seeing how invested Elba is in the dance music scene, he put together a special for Channel 4 in England, Idris Elba's How Clubbing Changed the World. It depicts 40 moments in dance music that truly changed the world. If you have 97 minutes of free time at any point this weekend, I highly suggest watching the documentary.

Cover photo credit: BET

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