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5 Essential Progressive Trance Producers

A couple weeks back, we posted an article showing you five producers whom would get you into the wonderful and diverse genre of trance music. The trance community immediately lit up with complaints that not all the songs were real trance, and while we admit that may have been true, it was all part of the plan! You see, not everyone outside of the trance scene will immediately enjoy uplifting trance, so we wanted to start you, the reader, off slowly and edge you into the genre.

This is the first follow-up to that article. That’s right, this is a series! Now, here are five progressive trance producers who you definitely should hear.

Andy Duguid

Andy is one of those producers who is hard to define. While his music occasionally does incorporate influences from progressive house, it is predominantly trance, even if it doesn’t always fit within one particular subgenre. Regardless, each piece of music is beautifully crafted and even somewhat haunting in its own way, something which most producers cannot claim. A perfect example of this is the song “7even”—about a small girl who died from cancer—which is easily the most haunting and one of the most beautiful songs I’ve ever heard, and quite literally brings me to tears every time I watch the music video. “Skin & Bones” again is very beautiful and emotionally touching, and even “In This Moment” touches the soul, which is remarkable considering its more positive sound.



Though he is becoming notorious for his, shall we say, “passion” for hockey, the American producer Eco is in our eyes one of the most brilliant, artistic, and creative producers of the genre. Honestly, we almost hesitate to call him a “progressive” producer simply because he transcends subgenres so well, incorporating elements of not just trance music but all kinds of music in general. He’s a regular on the “A State Of Trance” record label, headed up by Armin van Buuren—whom if you don’t already know is seen by many to be the figurehead of trance music—and that alone displays rather impressive credentials on Eco’s part. It also appears that he is forming a record label of his own under the umbrella of Blue Soho Recordings, and we can’t wait to see what the end result is. We recommend looking up his songs “Alonism,” “Hurt”—which is a beautiful cover of the Nine Inch Nails song of the same name—and “The Calm.”


Giuseppe Ottaviani

Giuseppe Ottaviani is truly a master of melodies. From the beautiful piano in “Love Will Bring It All Around” to the ripping acid riffs of “Feel The Music” to the soaring synths of “Illusion,” this Italian trance producer not only knows how to make music, but how to make it well. He is another one we hesitate to call a strictly progressive producer, as he occasionally does venture out into uplifting trance territory (something which we will cover in the next article of this series), but as his latest studio album Magenta—which, by the way, is one of my personal favorite music albums in general, not just of electronic music—is mostly progressive, we thought it fitting to include him in this list. His music is definitely a must-have in any trance fan’s library.


Kyau & Albert

This duo is notable for being one of the small number of electronic music producers whom sing in their own productions. Of course, that fails to mention the fact that they’ve been producing for 20 years, or that their record label Euphonic Records has been around for over 15 years and has featured artists as notable as Ronski Speed and Aly & Fila. They don’t release music too often, seeming to take an emphasis on quality over quantity, but when they do, their stuff is mind-blowing. Definitely take a look at “A Night Like This,” “This Love,” or “We Own The Night.” 


Luigi Lusini

Luigi Lusini is the best progressive trance producer whom you have never heard. It genuinely amazes us how little recognition he has despite making incredible music which avoids all the clichés of trance, while remaining firmly rooted in the genre. For example, how much electronic music features a piano solo that doesn’t come from classical music? “Touch My Soul” does. How about a melodic dubstep breakdown smoothly mixed in with trance? Look no further than “When The Heart Speeds Up” or “Shattered.” Go do your part and give this producer the recognition he deserves.


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