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Daft Punk Allegedly Team Up With Jay Z On "Computerized"

Pitchfork has confirmed that Daft Punk and Jay Z collaborated on the song "Computerized." The song popped up on YouTube out of nowhere, leading to immediate questions about the legitimacy of the track. There was an understandable amount of disbelief regarding the track, as random people are constantly uploading fake Daft Punk songs on YouTube. I waited to write about "Computerized" until I received confirmation from a legitimate source, and Pitchfork is a very reputable outlet. I apologize in advance if Pitchfork's information is somehow incorrect. For what it's worth, Consequence of Sounds trusts Pitchfork as well. To further solidify Pitchfork's veracity as a source, I'd like to point you to their feature of Daft Punk. Ryan Dombal of Pitchfork followed the duo around and ended up publishing my favorite Daft Punk article ever. 

Listen to the song that Pitchfork confirmed as a real collaboration between Daft Punk and Jay Z below.

There has already been rampant speculation as to when "Computerized" was conceived. Thanks to PlatinKing of reddit, we know that the song contains elements of "Son of Flynn" from the Tron soundtrack. Also, "Computerized" includes unreleased vocals from Jay Z. As a result, it appears as if Daft Punk and Jay Z worked on the track together around 2010, didn't like the finished result, and the French duo pulled elements from the song for usage on the Tron soundtrack.

Regardless of when it was created, it's still an enjoyable track. It might not have been up to snuff for the international superstars involved, but it's always fun for the world to hear a collaboration between two of the biggest acts in music.

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