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Calvin Harris Uploads Teaser Of Upcoming Single

Over the past two years, Calvin Harris might have achieved the most commercial success any producer has ever reached. His album, 18 Monthswas the first album to ever have nine songs reach the UK Top 10. Despite his massive success, Harris made it clear that he wants to go a different direction with his new music. Last year, he said, “I’m doing more dance music that probably won’t get into the charts."

However, he released a teaser of his upcoming single yesterday, and the song certainly sounds like it's made for the radio. I'm a bit disappointed, as I was hoping he would start making songs like "Awooga" again. "Summer" actually sounds quite similar to Harris' last release with Alesso, "Under Control," which hit #1 on the UK charts. 

"Summer" will be released on Friday, March 14. 

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