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EDM.com Spotlight

Eventbrite Study Finds Social Media Drives EDM Industry Success

The one thing you need to know about EDM fans is that we absolutely love our music and we love to talk about it. Eventbrite, one of the leading online ticketing and registration platforms, partnered with social media insights firm Mashwork to conduct the EDM Fan Social Media Listening Study. Through the study, Eventbrite found that EDM fans are fueling the success of the industry through their social media sharing. 

The study aimed to understand the unique behavioral tendencies and topics of conversation among EDM fans as well as the difference between fans of EDM and different genres by analyzing more than 70 million posts throughout 2013. The study found that EDM fans tweet on average 11 times per day, crushing the 1.85 tweets per day from the average Twitter user. EDM fans have been found to talk about concerts and events 30% more than fans of different genres. 1 in every 3 posts were written about EDM, which is 52% more than fans of other music genres. However, not all conversation was directed towards the music itself as 14% of EDM conversation was on subculture topics such as PLUR lifestyle, rave families, and dance routines.

“The EDM fan’s amount of online sharing is simply staggering,” Eventbrite Head of Music Marketing Martina Wang told Billboard. “They’re the most social of music fans – both online and off. There’s a huge opportunity for EDM brands to harness the power of the dance fan through connecting with them online.”

There has always been a stigma surrounding cell phone usage during an EDM show; however brands can use this to drive massive awareness to their events. 1 out of every 4 posts about EDM actually occurred during an event, which equals to about 17 million posts over the course of the year. This volume of conversation could potentially mean 42 billion online impressions for EDM events in one year.

At the end of the day, EDM fans are truly passionate about their music and because of this they speak positively about it. 40% of all EDM conversation on social media were focused on the love for EDM. EDM fans are constantly sharing photos and videos from past events or sharing music from a new producer they’ve found. Their love for EDM is something that will keep growing stronger as years go by. 

“Dance lovers are super fans. Compared to other music fans, EDM fans propel the success of EDM events based on their love of live experiences and their extreme social networking behavior,” said Wang. “There is a huge opportunity for the industry to tap into this highly social, passionate group of people.”

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