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EDM.com Spotlight

Init’s 'Monster EP' Will Tear You Apart

Init's off-the-wall sound will bury you in the ground!

Roll out the red carpet, break out the cameras, and brace yourself for a showstopper of an EP. Even though it only consists of two tracks total, Init’s fantastic Monster EP will have no trouble keeping you thoroughly entertained from the first note till the last. For those of you that have a proclivity for destructive dubstep, both of these bass music bruisers are sure to make your day!

“Monster” is awarded the honors on this prolific production, and this big time banger presents us with a supercharged cyclone of flawless filth. Have you ever seen (or heard) a jumbo jet, an 18-wheeler, and runaway freight train all collide into each other at once? No? Well, I'd imagine that's what the drop on this song sounds like. Making up the other half of this dangerous release is the remarkable “Hype Up.” If you enjoy producers like Rekoil and Getter, then you’ll surely find yourself smitten with this extraordinarily ferocious tune.

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