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K3vin Envoy Steals Songs From Feed Me & Kill The Noise And Sells Them Under His Name

It appears that we have come face-to-face with the ultimate plagiarist of dance music. K3vin Envoy has been lifting complete songs from producers and selling them under his name. He has added the songs to both Amazon and Spotify.

I first read about K3vin Envoy through a post from Elle on EDM Sauce. After that, I checked out a reddit thread that further detailed his transgressions. Hell, even the photos of him are photoshopped. For each of his photos, he takes his face and throws it on a model's body.

His Facebook page is a great example of how fake he is. He clearly buys followers, as he has 115,000 'likes' on Facebook with only 33 people talking about him. In the past week, all of his Facebook posts have received five 'likes' or less, and not a single person has commented on any of his posts. 

Let's listen to his plagiarism of Kill The Noise's "Must Be The Feeling" remix: Spotify link and Amazon link. Now compare that to Kill The Noise's full track below.

Next, let's listen to his song, "The Calling," which is a copy of R3hab and Swanky Tunes' remix of "Calling (Lose My Mind)" by Sebastian Ingrosso, Alesso, and Ryan Tedder: Spotify link and Amazon link. Now, listen to the official R3hab and Swanky Tunes remix of the track.

The next song was originally produced by Omega, one of The EDM Network's close friends. K3vin Envoy used Omega's remix of "Mirrors": Spotify link and Amazon link. Hear Omega's remix of "Mirrors" below.

There are plenty more songs that K3vin Envoy stole, but you should be getting the idea by now. The last song I'll post is his blatant copy of Feed Me's "Lonely Mountain." The song's title has been changed to "Be True," which is quite ironic given the circumstances: Spotify link and Amazon link. K3vin Envoy's song runs for five minutes and 40 seconds, which is the exact run time of "Lonely Mountain." You can listen to "Lonely Mountain" below.

K3vin Envoy also stole tracks from the following producers: 3Beat, Bombs and Bottles, Jack Manetti, Sigma, Bill & Will, Lucky Date, Infuze, Wilkinson, and Gemini. He might have stolen more songs, but these are the only known tracks at the moment.

This is very important, as producers should always be recognized for their work. Not only is K3vin Envoy taking credit away from producers, but he's profiting from their work as well. 

How far down does this rabbit hole go? How many more people like K3vin Envoy are out there? I'm not sure, but EDM.com will certainly keep you updated on this situation.

[H/T: EDM Sauce and reddit]

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