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EDM.com Spotlight

Who Produced The ID Remix Of "Listen" By Habstrakt?

This massive new remix of Habstrakt's "Listen" was put together by Sub Antix. Over a period of four days, we kept the producer of the remix a secret and asked you to guess their name. If you guessed the right producer, you were entered in our giveaway to win a Disciple Recordings hoodie and Skullcandy headphones. With only the information provided below, James Safko was able to guess that Sub Antix produced the remix. He is the winner of the EDM.com giveaway, and we would like to congratulate James for his participation.

The type of music they listened to while growing up was a bit different than what they produce now. They listened to “Lots of rock, rap and hip hop in the younger years, but when I got to high school it was pretty much all metal and electronic music.”

When they first got into producing, they started with some funky music. They said, “Disco Electro [was the first genre they produced]. I know it might sound odd but that used to be my jam. The cheesier the better. I wouldn't ever show anyone those tracks anymore. Not just because of the cheese overload, but they also sound like they were produced by a potato.”

Soon after starting out, their style changed. They said, “I had a ton of crazy goals when I started out. I wanted Bassnectar to play my music, tour with Datsik, and play Shambhala just to name a few. I'm happy to say I've met all of those goals and now have even bigger and better things to look forward to achieving.”

Their influences as a producer are hard to put a finger on. They said, “I've always remembered making songs up in my head so it's hard to say what influenced me to start, but lots of things inspire me to make music in general. The weather, my mood, and a picture or a painting are things I tend to go back to frequently.”

The mystery producer has one person they would love to collaborate with: “Reso. He's one of my biggest inspirations and a lot of the reason why I'm producing right now. All his tracks are crazy good and it would be unreal to collab with him.”

One fact about the producer surprised us. They said, “I am obsessed with medicine. More specifically diseases and diagnostics. I even have a medical dictionary I take everywhere I go. I'll pick a random page and just start reading. Renal disease? Sure, sounds interesting enough.”

The one place the remixer would really like to play is Holland. They said, “I've never been before but I hear the shows have a great energy out there.”

We'd like to thank the mystery producer for taking the time to speak with EDM.com. We'll leave you with two more clues: The producer is Canadian and has released music on Firepower Records.

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Also, if you haven't heard the original "Listen" yet, check it out below.

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