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EDM.com Spotlight

BT Discusses Beautiful "Letting Go" Video

BT released a beautiful music video for his song with JES and Fractal, "Letting Go," earlier this week. The video features beautiful locales with mind-bending time-lapse shots as well as slow-motion photography. The video was shot in the Palawan province of the Philippines and Oahu, Hawaii. EDM.com spoke with BT about the video, but before we get into that, watch the video below.

It was great to hear about BT's inspiration for this innovative music video. He says, "I love the suspension or compression of things in both sound and the visual domain. It's amazing to hear and watch things where time is contorted, stretched or compressed. I sometime think time-lapse is what the world must look like to plants (if they could see). I think time-lapse in general is exciting and fits my music perfectly. I've jail broken my 5D now so I can shoot native on the camera without an intervalometer."

The message of "Letting Go" was clearly conveyed in the music video. BT told us, "The natural world is an a constant state of renewal. Letting go. You can watch it happening when reality is faster. Day gives way to night, water gives way to sand and so on. This was the idea for this the constant natural expression of renewal through relinquishment of attachment. That's what the song is about too. In order to progress or move forward we are in a constant state of letting go."

As expected, shooting the video was a lot of fun. "We set up many of these shots together in Hawaii and it was an absolute blast to do," says BT. "Since no one else (director or DP's) are divers, I got to do all the underwater cinematography myself. This was a blast as I do this all the time (for personal use)."

The "Letting Go" video is part one of a double series on the study of the tides and tidal life on the world's oceans. This video documented the Pacific Ocean, and part two will show us the Atlantic Ocean. Part two will be set to BT's "Vervoeren."

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