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5 Dirtiest Dubstep Drops Of The Week: Vol. 2

Immerse yourself in last week's top 5 dirtiest dubstep drops.

I’m back for volume two of our Top 5 Dirtiest Dubstep Drops, and I couldn’t be more excited to dive right into things. This week, we’ve got some huge names that grace our illustrious list, as well as some newcomers that are beginning to make a ton of noise. These dominant drops are about to leave your speakers in complete shambles!

5. jACQ - It's Going Down (SPL Remix)

SPL has definitely put a stranglehold on the thriving genre of trapstep. As a producer who frequently dabbled in both dubstep and trap, the progression only seemed natural. Following up the well-received releases of “Ransom Note” and his remix of Rise At Night’s “Another One,” this latest contribution is a resounding rework of jACQ’s “It’s Going Down.” The first drop perforates your eardrums with synths sharper than The Devil’s pitchfork and the second kicks off with a quasi-hardstyle feel that slowly transitions back into the recognizable trapstep grime. SPL is sizzling hot at the moment and he shows no signs of cooling off anytime soon.

4. Rekoil - Death Awaits

For any of you out there who still haven’t had the chance to celebrate Rekoil eclipsing the 20K mark on Facebook, consider this your crash course. “Death Awaits” was actually the last of three free releases that he gave out after surpassing the memorable milestone. The first two tracks—“Paid To The Decimal” and his “Lights” remix—were a tad bit different than his usual productions, but like they say, the third time’s the charm. Plus, this devastating tune is fully armed with drops that hit harder than a Miguel Cabrera moon shot! No, scratch that, harder than a Mike Tyson uppercut! Hmmm, still not quite there, how about harder than a double-decker bus that’s had its breaks cut? Perfect, I think that pretty much sums it up. Be sure to rinse out this new Rekoil.

3. Mantis - Block Rocka

Continuing our way up this week’s dirty dubstep ladder, Mantis is holding it down for the middle of our list. Besides already tearing up your neighborhood, “Block Rocka” has now proceeded to topple major metropolises all across the world. This banger’s hunger is absolutely insatiable! Just when you think it can’t go any harder or get any filthier, it does precisely that, leaving us in a permanent stage of complete and utter bass bewilderment. Additionally, both drops in this maniacal track are beyond debilitating! If it feels like someone is repeatedly cracking a 2x4 over your head, you’re not alone. Mantis specializes in dubstep that will rip your skin off the bone—I hope you’ve got some bandages nearby.

2. Moody Good - Hotplate (Ft. Knytro)

Moody Good is the reincarnation of 16-Bit, but even a flashy new moniker couldn’t keep us from picking up on the obvious similarities. Not to mention that the hype surrounding this producer lately has been nothing short of ridiculous! A well-respected force among both musicians and diehard EDM fans, the revitalized essence of Moody Good is impossible to ignore. Adding to the already suspenseful feel of the track, Knytro lights up “Hotplate” with his fire-spitting hip-hop vocals. The first drop is firm and steady, while the second sounds more like someone is burrowing deep into your skull with a power drill. Moody Good is going to drive you mad with this one!

1. Skrillex - All Is Fair In Love And Brostep (Ft. The Ragga Twins)

I noticed lots of you asking about the new Skrillex last week, but in my defense, his songs weren’t eligible for that week’s countdown. And even though his album still hasn’t been officially released at this point, I’m going to make an exception this week. I mean, c’mon people, it’s freaking Skrillex! Do I really need to say more? Also, I’m more than certain that plenty of you have already had a chance to peruse though some of the new material from Recess, and it seems like the general response from the EDM world has been overwhelmingly positive thus far. In “All Is Fair In Love And Brostep,” Skillex reaffirms that he is still the undisputed dubstep king. Every drop in this punishing tune sends you skyrocketing through the roof of your house! If dubstep gets any dirtier than this, I haven’t heard it.    

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