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10 SnowBall Music Festival Acts You Must See

Snowball Music Festival will be returning for its 4th annual celebration early next month, and we could not be more excited for this year’s lineup! With 65+ international and domestic acts jam-packed into one wintery weekend, it may seem a bit overwhelming as you attempt to organize a fool-proof schedule to follow from beginning to end. Well, we’ve decided to collect a handful of our most-anticipated acts of Snowball 2014 so that you can make the most of your time given. From big to small, native to foreign, and everything else in between, here are our Top Ten Artists to see at Snowball 2014.*

*Please note that these performers are not listed by preference but by alphabetical order.


The Floozies 

Lawrence, Kansas based duo The Floozies is not your average artist duo. Since their inception in 2011, brothers Matt and Mark Hill have been redefining the glitch-hop/funk scene with their heavy bass and bouncy funk beats. With Matt in charge of the guitar melodies and production, and Mark steadily supplying the drum rhythms, this dynamic duo has released a plethora of singles and albums oozing with funky goodness. Their latest album, Tell Your Mother, is honing in on 500,000 plays on SoundCloud, and their single “Stuntin” has seen support from the likes of Big Gigantic, Gramatik, and many, many more.


The sounds of Atlanta’s Hayden Kramer, more popularly know as HeRobust, can not be confined to the rules and definitions of modern genres. Combining the rawness of ATL’s infamous “Dirty South” rap scene with a new-age take on heavy bass music, HeRobust has proven himself as a necessary anomaly to today’s electronic music scene. As a pillar to the heavy-bass label Smog Records, HeRobust has toured all across the country unleashing a seemingly endless collections of originals and remixes. From dubstep to house to trap, this performance will be a rager from start to finish.


Having released his first EP only a mere 10 months ago, Brennan Bryarly aka option4 has set the tone for all artists pushing the textured deep and tech house vibes within the Colorado area. With roots based strongly in his hometown of Chicago, option4 brings a refreshingly soft and intricate feel to today’s sometimes over-saturated house scene. With support from the likes of Justin Jay and BitFunk to name a few, we will certainly be attending this young producer’s set this year.



Born and raised in the city of Montreal, hip-hop aficionado Lunice will be making his first Snowball appearance this April. From his solo work to his collaborations with rappers Rick Ross and Angel Haze to his dynamic side project TNGHT featuring Hudson Mohawke, Lunice has had a profound presence in the trap and hip-hop scenes. If his performance at Snowball is going to be anything like his “Diplo & Friends” mix for BBC Radio 1, then we are all in for one hell of a party!


Mark Kinchen aka MK has been an icon within the house music scene for years. Originally studying under the legendary Kevin Saunderson, MK’s remarkable productions and mixing skills are going to be a joy to experience at SnowBall Festival this year. From his releases on the infamous labels Hot Natured, Defected, and Area 10 to his chart-topping remixes of Lana Del Ray, Sam Smith, and Shadow Child, MK has been at the forefront of today’s deep house movement. With a new album currently in the works, MK’s performance this winter will be unlike any other.


Colorado-based Sunsquabi will be returning to SnowBall Festival once again this year, and we can’t even begin to imagine what they will have in store for us this time! Consisting of guitarist/keyboardist/producer Kevin Donohue, bassist/synth player Andrew Clymer, and drummer Chris Anderson, this three-piece collective has performed at countless music festivals including Global Dance at Red Rocks, Wakarusa, and Summer Camp. With over four full albums to dig into, including a featured remixes album, Sunsquabi brings an unparalleled live experience to each new audience. Best stated on their Facebook page, “SunSquabi's intentions are to create an atmosphere of community through a new live-music experience. By incorporating electronic elements and sticking to their musical roots - funk, blues, and progressive rock - SunSquabi is proving to have a unique style and determination to rise above the average.”

Trippy Turtle

Trippy Turtle has created quite the reputation over the last year - from speculations to being the alter-ego of Cashmere Cat to collaborations with Dj Sliink and Dj Hoodboi, Trippy Turtle’s ability to hide their identity is only surpassed by the quality of his/her productions. Utilizing a seemingly unprecedented finesse in sampling, the collection of Trippy Turtle’s animal-like sounds and watery effects create a lot for us to look forward to for the performance on Saturday.


Busta Rhymes

Since the initial stages of his career, rap legend Busta Rhymes has elevated from label member to label runner, and from radio star to household name. His rowdy and rough style both lyrically and physically has led him to collaborate with many of the biggest names in hip hop, including Notorious B.I.G., Public Enemy and Kanye West just to name a few. His most recent single “Twerk It” saw a lot of action in the hip-hop/trap scene this year thanks to Pharrell’s masterful production, so hip-hop fans and trap fans alike will all have a reason to get down at one of hip-hop’s most iconic rapper’s performance this year.

PLM Party

With Pretty Lights and Griz already closing out Saturday and Sunday’s festivities this year, you may lead yourself into believing that those performances alone will quench your thirst for funky and bass-filled live electronic music for the weekend. Well, think again, because Sunday night will also be host to the PLM Party, which will be featuring PLM family members Pretty Lights, Michal Menert, Paul Basic, Supervision, Elliot Lipp, and many more. Prepare to get down to the funk of the future with these stellar acts as they unite into a single 40-minute performance of live instrumentalism and electronic beats. For all you fans of Pretty Lights’s A Color Map of the Sun and its offical Remixes EP, you can expect a live performance unlike any other before.

What So Not

For any trap fans currently living under a rock, Australia-based duo What So Not have been dominating the trap and club music scene for over a year. Their originals “Jaguar” and “The Quack” as well as remixes/collaborations of “Warrior” and “Tell Me” have all seen radio play and features on BBC 1 Radio, Nest HQ, and many other widely-visited radio stations and music platforms across the world. Comprised of Flume and Emoh Instead, these two young producers have an impeccable knack for hard-hitting drums, chopped vocal riffs and bass-heavy horn melodies that rarely go unnoticed. To get a good idea of what they have to offer, take a listen to their latest mix featured on Skrillex’s mix series OWSLA: After Dark, and get yourself into the mood for one of the best acts of the weekend!

Article contributed by Shane O'Neil

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