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EDM.com Spotlight

Never Say Die Records Unveils 'Black Label Vol. 1'

'Black Label Vol. 1' serves as the consummate reminder of just how spectacular old school dubstep can be.

I’ve been waiting for this release like an anxious dog waits for its owner at the front door after a long day of work. Never Say Die Records just dropped Black Label Vol. 1 yesterday, and the dubstep community has not stopped buzzing since. Let’s be honest, with names like Trampa, BAR9, Megalodon, D-Jahsta, Bukez Finezt, & JAM PRD decorating this dynamic production, can you really blame them? Yeah, I didn’t think so. Who’s ready for a taste of some old school womps and wobbles?

Trampa leads off this four-track dubstep odyssey with the highly flammable “Gas Tank.” Haunting horns begin sounding off right from the first note, only building the suspense for the oil tanker worth of filth to follow. “NEXUS-6” from BAR9 takes over the airwaves shortly thereafter, and this industrial-style banger leaves you feeling like you’re part robot. Be sure to oil up all of your squeaky joints if you want to rage at optimum efficiency. The first collaboration of the bunch is brought to us by Megalodon & D-Jahsta. For those of you who happen to have a soft spot for skull-crushing bass and mischievous melodies, then “Demons” is the track for you! To seal the deal, Bukez Finezt & JAM PRD team up on “LZRZ.” These two producers plan on zapping you silly with a vast array of laser-oriented synths. Watch out!

As for my final thoughts on this release, I believe that the vocal sample in Trampa’s tune sums it up best, “Go nuts, go bonkers, f*ck that! Go mad!”

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