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EDM.com Spotlight

Pegboard Nerds' "Hero" In Viral 'Superman With A GoPro' Video

Pegboard Nerds have had a wildly successful 2014 thus far, and the inclusion of their new single, "Hero," in the Superman with a GoPro video is yet another feather in the cap for the Scandinavian duo. The video depicts what it would be like if Superman actually wore a GoPro. Corridor Digital put the video together.

The creative concept coupled with fantastic execution have made the video go viral. In just two days, the video has over five million views, and it was upvoted to the front page of reddit. "Hero" clearly fits the video, as Superman is one of the most iconic heroes of all-time. If you have yet to watch the video, check it out below. 

The full track isn't featured in the video, so we have worked with the Pegboard Nerds to upload it to one of our SoundCloud channels. "Hero" blends dubstep, hardstyle, and electro house into one cohesive tune. While that might seem like a lot of genres for one song, the Pegboard Nerds have somehow made it work. Listen to the full track below.

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