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Skrillex & What So Not Working On Music Together

A few months ago, it was revealed that Skrillex was briefly in the studio with Flume and Emoh Instead of What So Not while in Australia. Fortunately, it appears their collaborative spirit has carried over to the United States. Yesterday, Emoh Instead dropped some great news in an interview with triple j.

"It's sitting at the stage where it's just like: 'Oh my god I'm so excited about it, can we just put it out already?" said Emoh Instead in reference to the track they worked on in Australia. "We're doing heaps of stuff. Even yesterday I was sitting on his couch and we were just making a song on our laptops - so who knows how many we're going to have eventually."

His statement is great news for music fans. Emoh Instead, Flume, and Skrillex are three of the hottest names in dance music at the moment, so it would be awesome to hear multiple songs result from their collaborative efforts.

If you can't wait for What So Not and Skrillex to release their collaborations, you'll be able to see them spin B2B at Good Times during Miami Music Week.

[H/T: triple j]

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