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Porter Robinson Releases "Sea Of Voices" From Upcoming Album

Porter Robinson has wowed the dance music community with "Sea of Voices," which he unexpectedly made public on SoundCloud today. This track is the first opportunity for his fans to hear a track off Worlds, and it is a wonderful introduction to the album. Listening to "Sea of Voices" is the perfect way to end the weekend, as the song is truly beautiful. It is something you would never expect to hear from a typical EDM producer. However, Porter has made it clear by now that he doesn't want to be held back by the formulaic dance music currently being produced in the industry. In fact, "Sea of Voices" sounds like something you would hear from M83.

Glenn Mendlinger is the General Manager of Astralwerks, which is the record label that will release Worlds. In an interview with Billboardhe said, "There will be multiple singles that will excite and surprise people and touch multiple formats. The musical direction of this album is non-linear; it shatters pre-conceived notions of formulaic dance music and elicits a visceral response, exploring the themes of vastness, beauty and emotion. With the evolution of radio in the US, as well as the rapid growth of dance music here, the stage is set for us to bring Porter’s music to a much wider audience than what was possible even one year ago.”

Leading up to the release of "Sea of Voices," Porter fired off a long series of tweets. He discussed what he's gone through as a producer and DJ and the importance of beauty to Worlds.

It's very interesting to read about the internal struggles of Porter. I'm very happy he has created an album that properly conveys his musical tastes at this point of his career. If the rest of the songs on the album are the same quality as "Sea of Voices," Worlds will surely be a candidate for album of the year.

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