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Deadmau5 Developing 360-Degree Stage For Arenas Only

deadmau5 confirms new live show is in development

deadmau5 has been on a roll since late 2013 when he launched his live subscription site, followed soon after by the announcement that his double album was complete. Currently on tour in Australia and Asia, it makes sense to hear deadmau5 is pushing the boundaries of electronic music again with a solo, arena only, 360-degree stage tour. 

According to an interview with inthemix earlier this week, the Mau5 is only $6 million short of turning his tour dreams into reality. With half the funding already acquired, and partnerships with unnamed companies lined up, it looks like deadmau5 will be spending the majority of the year planning a late 2014/2015 tour that he plans to take “everywhere.” 

There have been other 360-degree stages in the past. However, with the amount of money deadmau5 is investing in this new idea, it will certainly be very different from other 360-degree stages we've witnessed in the past.

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