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EDM.com Spotlight

Liquid Stranger Releases Diverse 50-Track 'Infusion Mix Vol 1' [Free Download]

One of the most versatile producers of EDM is Martin Staaf, aka Liquid Stranger. In my opinion, his fans are the ones he should really thank for the artistic freedom he enjoys. Liquid Stranger’s musical flights of fancy have ventured into the realm of Trance, Trip-Hop, Ambient, and of course Dubstep. He takes an almost Zen approach to making and performing music, never concerned about losing influence in one area, because he expressed interest in another.

It sounds weird, but it happens: I have had very established artists send me brilliant musical pieces, and then tell me flat out they would be afraid to lose fans if they released it. With each musical foray Liquid Stranger takes however, he returns to his Arizona dojo with more knowledge of the world and more fans.

Liquid Stranger’s latest offering is a 50-track mix that concentrates on the various genres which have influenced him over the years. The most impressive aspect of the mix is that he produced every track.

Never content to sit on the sidelines, Liquid Stranger has actively created songs throughout his career which would satisfy even the most meticulous critics. He explains: “This is the beginning of a mix series. Rather than sticking to one sound it’s about mashing every genre to take people on a diverse journey. Genres and tempos fluctuate here, educating people to what music can be.” In my opinion it’s what he’s always done. This just brings it more into focus.

Download the mix for free: https://soundcloud.com/liquid-stranger/liquid-stranger-infusion-mix

Written by MC Zulu.

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