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Skrillex Reveals Plans For More Surprise Releases In 2014

If you were pleasantly surprised by how Skrillex released Recess, it looks like you might be in store for more of the same. In an interview with Billboard, Skrillex said, "This album is kind of like the first wave of a lot more stuff to come, just (songs) flying out left and right kind of thing. That's kind of what to expect: spontaneous releases. ... There's so many other collaborations that I can't really say yet but that have been left over from the record, that I'm going to release soon that are so dope. I'm excited for the new stuff to come out that no one's heard yet."

A few days ago, we reported that Skrillex is working with What So Not on multiple songs. We'd imagine that at least one of those tracks will reach your ears via a spontaneous release. 

He also discussed his working relationship with Atlantic Records. Unlike most deals with record labels, Atlantic didn't dictate how Recess was released. Instead, the label mainly works as a promoter and distributor of the album. This allows Skrillex to have the creative freedom he needs to thrive.

2014 is shaping up to be a massive year for Skrillex. The release of his impressive album earned him a Rolling Stone cover, and he will certainly keep the momentum going with his spontaneous releases throughout the year.

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