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EDM.com Spotlight

Paul Basic Taking Part In Live Video Q&A For SnowBall Music Festival

Paul Basic is scheduled to partake in SnowBall's first ever online live Q&A.

How many chances do you get to ask one of your favorite musicians anything you want? Not many, I’d imagine. However, with the highly respected SnowBall Music Festival rapidly approaching, that pipedream can now become a reality. Paul Basic of PLM will be participating in the first ever online press conference for SnowBall. This unique experience is being put together by Souls In Action via their SoulsInActionTV Live Stream and will provide both media members & the general public with an interesting new perspective on a musician's mindset leading up to a big time festival.

Media outlets will get the first dibs with the questions, but eventually the conversation will be opened up to the public. He’ll be answering questions from 6:00pm (Mountain Time) to 6:30pm, so be sure to head on over to Twitter and get in your submissions to @PaulBasic immediately. The link to the live stream is listed below and you’re definitely going to want to keep that handy. This is quite the unique opportunity that SnowBall is offering and one that you’ll surely want to take full advantage of.

Link To Live Stream: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S736Qb2rnC8

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