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EDM.com Spotlight

Joe Ford's New Single Takes D&B By Storm [Interview]

(M = Mike Walkusky of EDM.com; J = Joe Ford)

M: I know that you started out making tunes after hearing some early Datsik stuff. Are you still influenced at all by those early Datsik tunes? 

J: Yes, hugely. A lot of the bass sounds I use and the way I process them. Just the general nature of them, I still carry through. I still go back and listen to them quite often.

M: What convinced you to start producing drum and bass?

J: Well, I was always really interested in the sounds people used in the tracks. I found that dubstep had started to repeat itself a little bit. I found the stuff that Noisia and Spor were doing, and I just got hooked. I got into the music they were making.

M: After that, did you just start heading to a lot of D&B shows? 

J: It was a while before I started actually going to the shows as opposed to just making the music. There wasn't really much of a scene for it where I was. I was in Uni at the time. 

M: What are the biggest influences on the current music you're making?

J: Definitely the KOAN Sound guys. They're always stepping up, and I'm always looking to see what they do next. 

M: What was the creative process like for "The Moment"?

J: It was quite a long one, actually. Initially, I made it pretty quickly. I was really happy with the riff and the way it sounded, but it needed something else for the intro. I ended up getting the vocals quite a bit later on, and they filled in quite nicely. From there, it was a slow production process, but it was worth it. It's my favorite tune that I've made so far. 

M: You have some amazing sound design. How are you able to create such high quality sound design?

J: It was trial and error. I was pretty awful for a long time. I was in university spending hours and hours every day, perfecting different techniques. It's literally trial and error. You kind of get into the flow of it with your own ideas, and you perfect them.

M: When you were at university, did you have any friends who were producing as well?

J: Yeah, I was doing music technology, and a small part of it was based in production. I had a few mates who were into making music, but they didn't take it as seriously as me.

M: When did you decide this is really what you wanted to do with your life?

J: It was fairly recently--in the past year. I was working full-time doing some work in a warehouse and hating what I was doing. I just got to the point where it seemed like I could make a viable career out of music.

M: How big of an impact has it had to quit your previous job and work on music full time?

J: Hugely. When I first started off doing it full time, I was kind of trying to do a 9-to-5, keeping it within those hours. But it helps to have your full focus on music, instead of having to worry about your social life and jobs. Now you've replaced the job. 

M: What has been the craziest place you've DJ'd at ?

J: I went to Puerto Rico last July. I spent a couple days out there, and it's like a paradise island. It was the best time of life.

M: Do you have any more plans to play abroad in the near future? 

J: I've got a lot of Europe shows as always. No U.S. tour plans yet, but it's definitely going to happen in the near future.

M: What should your fans be looking forward to during the rest of 2014?

J: I've got a remix coming out for one of my favorite artists. It'll be coming out before the end of the month. After that, I've got lots and lots of new music to get out there, so it's going to be a busy year. 

M: Do you have a vision for your production career?  

J: I keep it quite open. I realize I'm quite young, and there's a long way to go. I guess I'll be less restricted as time goes on in terms of genre. I don't wan to be doing drum and bass specifically for the rest of my life. I want to be making all tempos, all different styles, some more relaxed stuff. More music, I guess.

M: Outside of drum and bass, what kind of music do you like to listen to?

J: I like the opposite. I like the really fast drum and bass. I also like my relaxed stuff. I've got a playlist that I listen to regularly. It's a completely different genre, but I used to like metalcore a lot and reggae. I like everything. 

M: What have you learned from the music industry--especially after making it your full-time profession?

J: That's a hard question to answer, really. I don't feel like much has changed since I quit my full-time job. I've tried to limit the amount of time I produce, because when I was doing it like a job, you start to resent what you're doing instead of enjoying it. So making music when I want to as opposed to forcing myself. Little things like that really.

Buy "The Moment" on Beatport: http://bit.ly/JoeFordMoment

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Joe Ford is currently one of the biggest names in the drum and bass scene. His ability to create stunning sound design has made him a favorite among the D&B community. His new single, "The Moment," was just released through Shogun Audio, and we have featured the fantastic tune on our drum and bass SoundCloud channel. With the release of his amazing new single, we figured it would only be right to pick the brain of the talented producer. Hit play on "The Moment" below and read our interview with Joe Ford while listening to the track!