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EDM.com Spotlight

Omar LinX: A Mix Between Hip-Hop And Electronic Soul

"...I’m very meticulous about what I engineer. It’s making sure everything is right, all the way up to the release date."

Omar LinX, the bass-inspired rapper out of Toronto, is back on the scene and preparing for the release of a new album titled M.O.R (Music Or Revenge). You may be familiar with his collaborations with the dubstep duo Zeds Dead. The dubstep stars are high school friends of Omar LinX. Some of their successful releases include “Rude Boy” and “Cowboy.” Speaking of "Rude Boy," let's throw it back to the official music video below. 

Omar LinX may be relatively unknown to some music fans, but you'll become a huge fan once you hear his lyrics. When listening to some of his old records like “Jackie Boy” and various others from City Of Ommz, I’m reminded of talented rappers like Slug from Atmosphere, and Immortal Technique. His unique flow and ability to spit flawless freestyles allow Omar to bridge the gap between hip-hop and EDM, making him one of the rap world's brightest gems.

From growing up around hip-hop and always striving to give his fans the next big thing, M.O.R will definitely become the game-changer that all music lovers will enjoy. Below, you'll be able to listen to four tracks that didn't make the cut for the album, and Omar is giving them out as free downloads. They were released on a playlist called The Road To M.O.R. Listen to the tracks below and learn more about the talented rapper!

(D = Deanna Krolowitz of EDM.com; O = Omar LinX)

D: It’s been awhile since your last major release or mix tape. How does it feel to be back in the game? What have you been up to? 

O: I never really stopped working, but shit...it’s been awhile since I’ve released much. I’ve had a lot of tracks that I’ve been holding onto, and I’ve just been waiting for the right time to put them out there. 

D: Now that all four songs from The Road To M.O.R. have been released, can you talk about your plans with the album?

O: Right now, I’m still working out some added touches and finishing up some remixes, but it’s expected to be around 13 tracks. My plan with The Road to M.O.R was to give people an abundance of new releases that I’ve been working and messing around with for a while. 

D: Videos have come a long way in the music industry. What’s your stance on developing music videos, and do you plan on releasing any for the new album? I’m pretty sure I can picture one for just about every new release you just put out.

O: I feel as if everyone’s become too boring and everything’s too day to day. I’m going for something cinematic, and [want] to really show off my artistry. It’s [music videos] definitely something I’m interested in, and have already been working on. I have two already shot, and I’m in the works for more off of M.O.R. - I’m working with a dope video crew as well.

D: What can we ultimately expect with M.O.R?

O: The album’s going to be a bit of everything: dubby, rock and roll, glitch. Like I always do, I’m really pushing the boundaries with M.O.R. with working with some crazy people like Caddy of the Sky. When we’re working together there’s a lot that goes into it, and I’m very meticulous about what I engineer. It’s making sure everything is right, all the way up to the release date. 

D: Can we expect to see a tour in the near future?

O: Once the album is out there, I’ll be doing more shows. I want to get some crazy visuals and everything projected too, but it’s [touring] definitely something you can expect.

Omar’s Road To M.O.R singles are available for a free download, and fans should expect the full release of M.O.R soon enough. Follow Omar for updates and sneak peaks of M.O.R. 

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