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EDM.com Spotlight

Why Ultra Music Festival Sucks.....

....For Those Who Aren't Going

You either clicked on this article enraged at the claim in the title or wanting to read something that would ‘hate’ on one of the premier music festivals in the world. Well, for those of you who aren’t going, I’m going to tell you why Ultra Music Festival sucks… for those of you who won’t be there.

The biggest reason Ultra will suck for those of you at home is something we call FOMO. This fear of missing out can get the best of all us. Chances are, some of your friends will be down in Miami, basking in the sun and watching the world’s best DJs and producers take the stage with incredible sound production, lights and pyrotechnics that music business has to offer.

The FOMO will only get worse when you see all of the DJs flooding Twitter about their sets and I bet you can’t wait to see all of the Instagram’s from Ultra with the hashtag, #letmetakeaselfie (you can thank The Chainsmokers for this).

But don’t worry. For those of you who will be sitting on your couches, Ultra will be streamed for the third year in a row on UMF TV (via YouTube). Some sets will also be streamed on SiriusXM Electric Area, channel 52, for the 10th consecutive year. Maybe if you turn your speakers up really loud and close your eyes, it’ll feel like you’re there. Maybe.

So, really, Ultra doesn’t suck. It’s fucking awesome, and I can’t wait.

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