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Jade Blue's First EP Signifies A Fantastic Future [Interview]

Jade Blue is a mysterious newcomer to dance music. Even her press photo is a blurred shot of (presumably) her face. However, what is not a mystery is her musical talent. The 21-year-old released her first EP, Lately, through Black Butter Records on March 17, and both tracks on the EP are quite impressive. Jade will be playing her first show in April, and we spoke with her about her blossoming career. Additionally, she provided EDM.com with an exclusive mix. Hit play on the mix below and learn more about the mysterious English producer.

(M = Mike Walkusky of EDM.com; J = Jade Blue)

M: In your recent interview with UKF, I found out that Max Rowat of Koven is your other half. What kind of influence has Max had on your career?

J: Indeed, Max Rowat is my other half. Well, he has influenced me greatly within music; he is the reason I got into the whole production side - I was always so fascinated as to how and why he could spend so many hours attached to the computer, and I wanted to see and find out what it was all about and I was drawn in from the beginning. Coming from a classical musical background, his approach was alien to me, so I have thoroughly enjoyed learning a different and new aspect to the creation of music. 

M: With that being said, your father was a first gen raver. What kind of music did your father listen to while you were growing up?

J: Haha, yes. My dad has always had a good taste in music, really dancey electronic stuff - I always remember some of the older Ministry of Sound comps, and stuff like John Digweed and Sasha, DJ Zinc, Basement Jaxx and some more chilled classics like Cafe Del Mar. 

M: What have been the most influential things in your life?

J: Gosh, that’s a difficult question. Most influential thing so far, perhaps I would say moving away from my gorgeous little home in Cornwall and my family. I think it’s really important to have independence from an early age. Getting away from a safe environment, where everything is done for you – moving away almost makes you man up and deal with stuff. 

M: I know this is a loaded question, but how would you describe your sound to EDM.com's readers?

J: I would say my sound is a blend of house, disco and pop. Although my latest release doesn’t really represent this that much, the material I have forthcoming is a diverse range of the genres listed above.

M: Both tracks off of your release are quite impressive. What was the creative process like for both "Lately" and "Moving Away”?

J: The creative process behind “Moving Away” was a very organic development; what had started as a very basic first track had slowly developed as my skills on Logic had developed so it was a lengthy process and had been in the pipeline for a while. “Lately” a recent collaboration started life as a bootleg from Frequency; where I heard a lot of potential and it got me really excited and I really wanted to put my footprint on it; it was great fun having the opportunity to work with other people and have two or more minds working on a track.

M: The UKF interview mentions two more tracks being in the bag. When will those be released?

J: I do have a few more tracks in the bag with several more in the pipeline. I’ve also been working with a fantastic singer/songwriter, who I am looking forward to announcing to you all! I am a bit of a perfectionist with making sure everything is just right. I don’t think you can ever be truly finished with a track; it's just don’t knowing when to take a step back and stop. 

M: How are you preparing for your first shows in April?

J: Just trying to control my excitement really. Sounds a bit naff, but I am just super buzzed to start playing shows. Other than practicing my set over an over again, it's already starting to evolve and I've not even played it out live yet!

M: What is your vision and ultimate goal as an artist?

J: My goal would be to continue to satisfy my urge to make music. It’s just a really mad idea that people may be listening to some of my work right now and for me music all about shared experiences, engaging with other, dancing with each other and if I am fueling that in any way, big or small - I am a happy bunny. 

M: What are you planning to do in 2014 to fulfill that vision?

J: Having the opportunity to get my work out there is what is really driving me to continue and finish off some of my recent tracks; so I just hope that I can continue to have exciting platforms to share my music on.

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