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Sharkoffs Releases New Track For Free Download

Sharkoffs is a producer/DJ based in Miami. In addition to producing quality music, Sharkoffs moderates /r/electronicmusic on reddit. Yesterday, he uploaded his new track, "Intergalactic," to SoundCloud and made it available for free download. "The process for 'Intergalactic' was actually that it was supposed to be a remix instead of an original—a remix of Beastie Boys 'Intergalactic,' specifically," says Sharkoffs. "But I got a little too creative with it, and by the end of the whole thing, you couldn't even tell it was a remix...So I just decided to call it an original."

Sharkoffs began producing on FL Studio when he was a 16-year-old high school student. He says, "I was a shy kid when I was younger, going to all the underground raves at places like Club X-it and Cinema before the whole EDM explosion really allowed me to break down my social barriers and feel accepted. I've always felt grateful for the whole scene around dance music and being able to contribute to that now is one of the greatest joys I can ever experience."

When it comes to producing songs, Sharkoffs wants to imprint each of his tracks with a signature sound. "I want to make stuff that people can tell was made by Sharkoffs and no one else," explains Sharkoffs. "Being unique is my inspiration."

Moderating the /electronicmusic subreddit has given Sharkoffs a unique perspective on how fans behave. "I became a mod in 2008, and it's definitely changed the way I view fans of the dance music—probably for the worse to be honest," says Sharkoffs. "So many people are so obsessed with what's 'cool' instead of what's actually good quality music, to the point where they will adamantly hate on anything that is actually good just because it's mainstream. It drives me nuts."

However, he also sees some passionate fans on reddit. He states. "It has also shown me how much people truly love the artists out there who make great music and how much it means to them. You always see the love during certain AMAs."

Sharkoffs lives in Miami, but it does not impart the influence you might expect. He explains, "Miami has a certain style and sound that's not similar to my stuff whatsoever. Like I said before, I always strive to be different, so I guess living in Miami has influenced me due to the fact that it's exactly what I don't want to be like. But in terms of connections and what not, it's a great place to be—especially during the WMC and Ultra Music Fest time of year."

There's no doubting Sharkoffs' passion for electronic music. One statement he made truly stood out: "Everything I do now is shaped and influenced by my music. I've literally based my whole life around it. I live electronic music, and I wouldn't want it any other way."

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