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15 Words That Have a Different Meaning When You're at a Rave

Throughout the many years of rave culture, the electronic dance music scene has developed their own bit of lingo. Many regular words that you might use on a daily basis might have taken on a whole different meaning when used in the context of a rave. We've complied a list of a lot of the popular words being used today with their normal and rave definition as well as an example. It's pretty funny to see how certain simple words have gone through such drastic changes. Check out the entire list below.

Deep House

Definition: A building that is extending far down from the top of a surface

Rave definition: A subgenre of house music fusing elements of Chicago-house with 1980s jazz-funk and touches of soul music.

Big Room

Definition: A large space that can be occupied by something.

Rave Definition: A style of electronic music featuring regular beats and simple melodies, which are designed to be played at large venues and festivals.


Definition: Disgusting or dirty.

Rave Definition: The point at which a drop within a song is so dirty you cringe your face.


Definition: Of great weight; difficult to lift or move.

Rave Definition: A song filled with so much bass it rattles the speakers and shakes the dance floor.


Definition: Violent, uncontrollable anger.

Rave Definition: To dance and party as hard as you can all night long.



Definition: Rearranging a deck of cards by sliding the cards over each other quickly.

Rave Definition: A style of dancing which involves kicking and sliding your feet which is primarily performed to electronic dance music.


Definition: The meat from the upper part of a pig’s leg.

Rave definition: The act of partying as hard as a m*therf*cker.


Definition: A device typically designed to catch and retain an animal.

Rave Definition: A style of electronic music emerging from Southern hip-hop, which incorporates 808 bass kick drums, triple hi hats, and layered syths.


Definition: An organized international body of criminals.

Rave Definition: Part of the name for now defunct electronic dance music supergroup Swedish House Mafia, consisting of Axwell, Sebastian Ingrosso, and Steve Angello.

Bingo Players

Definition: Members of a game in which players mark off numbers on a card.

Rave Definition: A Dutch electro-house project consisting of Maarten Hoogstratena.


Definition: The name of a dishwashing product.

Rave Definition: The moniker for Grammy nominated American DJ and producer Ryan Raddon.


Definition: Grand Theft Auto is a video game made by Rockstar games.

Rave Definition: The moniker for Miami based producers Matt Toth and Julio Mejia.


Definition: A path through rough country such as a forest.

Rave Definition: The effect produced by fast moving lights such as a glowstick swinging on a string.

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Definition: The act of covering your hands with gloves.

Rave Definition: The art of giving light shows with gloves that contain light up fingertips.


Definition: A person who suffers with the inability to fall asleep.

Rave Definition: The name of one of the largest American electronic dance music festival production companies known for Electric Daisy Carnival, Nocturnal Wonderland, Beyond Wonderland, and Escape From Wonderland.

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