EDM.com Spotlight

EDM.com Spotlight

'Cloud Comments Of The Week: Vol. 1

Trust us, it has only begun.

With 30 million plays per month, The EDM Network’s wide range of SoundCloud pages see a lot of character. Each week, we pick out the hilarious, unknowingly brilliant, or otherwise golden comments of our listeners to amplify their comedic irony. Party on.

This week in food:

Take that butter and that turkey sandwich, call over some bacon, and you've got a party. But seriously, a good beat makes me hungry -- did someone say turkey sandwich?

So chill you should wear a sweater:

I was just chilling, but then you had to bust in with everyone's least favorite word.

Zaxx attack:

I have four brothers: Zach, Zack, Zaxx, and Zaxxxx.

Dude, wrong song:

That last guy's comment wasn't quite as enthusiastic as the rest. Too much chill.

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