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EDM.com Spotlight

Stormtroopers Show Us How to Twerk

A group of stormtroopers embrace their inner TWERK

The Internet has found yet another ridiculous way to keep us entertained. This time, the entertainment comes via a group of stormtroopers who decided to show off their insane dance moves. The choreographed dance includes some impressive twerking. Also, the song they're dancing to, "Beat Calls," works perfectly with the choreography. The directors of the video, Scott Winn and Brenden Bytheway, actually produced the song themselves. Both seem to share a passion for directing videos and giving everyone a good laugh. Before I spoil anything else, find out just what these stormtroopers are all about in the video below. 

Impressed? If not, maybe the behind-the-scenes video will help you understand the real characters behind the goofy outfits. I have to admit that after watching it once, I was pretty amazed at just how much time actually went into creating a two-minute dance video. Additionally, there were the long hours of practice and multiple takes that took place until the choreography was absolutely perfect. 

I think every raver can respect the fact that stormtrooper helmets were used in the video too. I mean, come on...can you think of a better costume to wear at a festival? Enjoy the behind-the-scenes production below.  

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