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A Letter From SnowBall Music Festival's Founder

SnowBall Music Festival was held in the Rocky Mountains during the first three years of the festival's existence. However, in its fourth year, it has made the move to Mile High in Denver, CO. The change has made some fans unhappy, as they enjoyed the uniqueness of a music festival in the snowy mountains. Chad Donnelly, the founder of SnowBall, is fully aware of the effect the move has had on the festival's fans. As a result, he has written a letter to SnowBall fans to let them know exactly why the move had to be made. Check out the letter below.

SnowBall Family --

First and foremost -- a HUGE thank you for believing in our dream! Without you, SnowBall would only be a figment of our imagination...

I wanted to reach out to talk about this year's festival. Many in our SnowBall community have expressed disappointment that SnowBall has moved to Denver this year. Please know that we understand. It was not part of our original vision to host SnowBall anywhere other than in the mountains. Faced with a variety of obstacles in finding a Rocky Mountain Home for the 2014 festival -- and a rapidly diminishing timeline -- we were forced to make a decision: move this year's event to Denver, or take a year off. We couldn't imagine not getting our SnowBall community together for a full two years and so, after much difficult consideration, we decided that the show must go.

After exploring all potential options, obstacles with scheduling and limited lodging availability in these small mountain towns made it difficult to find the right home for SnowBall 2014. Most importantly, we had real concerns about the safety of our community as numerous accounts of fans being stranded without transportation options poured in after each festival. With all of this in mind, we believe there will be a time to return to the mountains in the near future, and we look forward to doing so when the right opportunity presents itself. 

The good news is that the move to Denver comes with a lot of perks -- an abundance of affordable lodging, parking, easy access to public transportation and a central location that has the infrastructure needed to accommodate our SnowBall Tribe.

The thing we know to be true is that no matter where in Colorado SnowBall is, we will have a beautiful community coming together to celebrate all the things we love. We're incredibly proud of the 2014 line-up -- with over 65 artists on four stages, amazing food from Denver's best eateries, interactive art installations, live painting and much more. Also just announced -- Endless Happy Hour hosted by Sierra Nevada, and late night show announcements coming soon.

Experiences will always be what we make of them -- Please join us in co-creating these incredible memories. If you know you'll be there -- Please Get Your Ticket Now. We are a small independent Colorado company and your support means the world to us!

As always, we would love to hear from you as we continue pushing forward to host a festival we are all proud of. Like all of you, we are always learning and we greatly appreciate your voice and input. Please feel free to reach out with questions, comments and suggestions of how we can work together to improve this event! 

We're looking forward to another amazing year!

-- Chad Donnelly, SnowBall Producer

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