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Weekly Playlist: After School Study Session Mix

Be more productive than you've ever been with this week's study-themed playlist.

Allow me to start this week’s mix off with an apology. As a grad student, the past three weeks have been a tad bit rough, and as a result, last week’s mix never came to fruition. I am truly sorry to leave you guys hanging and promise I put extra effort into this week’s appropriately themed After School Study Session Mix.

Moving on, we kick off this week’s mix with the House.net exclusive, “Lamborghini,” courtesy of We Are Presidents and then head right into DGM’s “In My Mind.” The goal of this week’s mix is to give you some decent background music to listen to while pounding out those papers and studying for midterms before spring break. Of course, I also find it helpful to dance in my chair occasionally while I work, which is why the mix continues on with Adam Ellis’ remix of Binary Finary & Lele Torniq’s “Waiting for the Sun” before really settling into a groove with “Reservoir” by Joe Roessler.

Adding to our study grind playlist is the EDM.com exclusive, “Surrender” by Lian July, and then we take a five-minute study break to enjoy Porter Robinson’s hauntingly beautiful new track, “Sea of Voices.” To help us get back into work-mode we’ve got Slander’s trap remix of the acoustic version of “Love is Not Enough,” originally by Above & Beyond. Granted that track may have distracted you from working, but never fear, Arty is here with “Twilight Tonight” to truly get you moving on that paper/reading/math problem once again.

Next up after that is the addicting synth line of “French Club” by The Noisy Freaks, who you should totally check out if you’re looking for mid-tempo music to play while studying, cleaning, working, and driving. Rounding out this week’s mix is the deep house track “Love Too Deep” by Ferreck Dawn & Redondo, who should also be on your list of people to check out when looking for something different to study, clean, and work too.

Now stop reading and get back to work you slackers. Happy studying!

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