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EDM.com Spotlight

Beta Nightclub Evolves With New Proper Saturdays

In 2013, Beta Nightclub in Denver, CO was named by Rolling Stone as the best nightclub in the United States. The club is known for booking some great progressive house talent, but they have decided to switch up their Saturday nights. Moving forward, Beta will promote deep dance music on most Saturdays. This move may come as a surprise to some, but it's something that Beta has been yearning to do for a long time.

When Beta Nightclub first opened in 2008, management envisioned a more mature sound for their Saturday nights. The club was 21+ on Saturdays, and they were booking techno and deep house DJs to spin. However, the dance music market in Denver forced Beta to move away from their initial vision. The Denver scene simply wasn't big enough to support these sounds, so Saturdays became 18+ with the more mainstream, progressive house DJs being booked. Management did help retain a small bit of their vision by booking a techno or deep house DJ about once a month. 

Six years after the opening of Beta, the dance music scene stateside has experienced a bit of a paradigm shift. Deep house and techno have started to gain traction in the United States. There can be any number of reasons for this. My personal theory is that EDM fans from 2008 have matured and are no longer content with the big room house that dominates festivals. However, this is pure conjecture. Regardless of the causes, the deeper side of dance music has gotten big, and this is great for Beta. This has allowed the nightclub to bring back their idea of a mature Saturday night. In addition to booking techno and deep house DJs, Beta is encouraging DJs to spin a three-hour set rather than the typical two-hour set a Beta headliner would play. When it comes to techno and deep house, it's ideal for DJs to take their listeners on a journey, and it's much better to do it over three hours than two. This new concept will be branded with the name "Proper Saturdays." The first show that embodies this concept took place on March 1. The next show is on March 8, and it will feature My Favorite Robot

This move by Beta helps them stay ahead of the curve, as very few of the big American nightclubs have special nights for techno and deep house. The move is innovative, but it's not something that Beta's management randomly pulled out of a hat. This decision has been building up for years, and it's finally the right time to make it happen. Over the next year, I fully expect many other clubs to follow Beta's lead as more Americans begin to develop a more nuanced musical palate and fall in love with techno and deep house. 

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