EDM.com Spotlight

EDM.com Spotlight

EDM.com Featured Playlists: Feelz For Lovers by TH3RDBRAIN

TH3RD BRAIN is currently one of the biggest names in dance music management. Krewella has been their most notable client, but TH3RD BRAIN has also been very effective in building the careers of Pegboard Nerds, DotEXE, and Stephen Swartz.

Jake Udell, co-founder of TH3RD BRAIN, has had a huge start to 2014. Yesterday, he hosted the #20SomethingLIVE panel, which included The Chainsmokers, Mike Darlington of Monstercat, and Nick Jarjour of Dream Machine. He was also took part in a panel with Krewella that discussed the trio's seemingly meteoric rise to stardom. The panel took place at Electronic Music Conference in Sydney last year, but it didn't hit YouTube until last month. On the surface, Krewella might seem like an instant success story, but it's TH3RD BRAIN's meticulous and effective management strategy that truly built up the Krewella brand to where it is today.

However, Udell isn't the only person who has brought TH3RD BRAIN to the top. Nathan Lim is the other co-founder of the management company, and his hard work has been just as instrumental in their rise to prominence. Luckily for us, Lim has taken the time out of his busy schedule and blessed EDM.com with a fantastic playlist. On our homepage, it is titled as "Feelz For Loverz," and it features some of the grooviest and sexiest EDM tunes at the moment.

As an added bonus, we've included the #20SomethingLIVE panel below. If you are looking for tips on entrepreneurship and how to break into the music industry, it is a must watch. According to Udell, it will be a weekly series moving forward. This is another great idea for TH3RD BRAIN, as it builds up their reputation as experts within the industry. It's innovative brand-strengthening decisions like this that will help TH3RD BRAIN maintain its status as one of the most respected management companies in music.


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