EDM.com Spotlight

EDM.com Spotlight

A Call For EDM.com Writers

If you are deeply passionate about dance music and love to write, EDM.com wants you to become a part of our staff! We are quickly developing into one of the top dance music editorials on the internet, but we would love your help in achieving our grand vision. We aspire to be the top source for dance music news while also producing thought-provoking editorials on the music industry. To do this, we need the perfect team of writers who possess the knowledge and committment necessary to facilitate our growth as a media outlet. 

As a member of the EDM.com writing staff, you will be one of the most relevant voices in the dance music community. Because of this, all of the content you create must be of the highest quality. We hold our staff to a very high standard, and you must consistently meet our expectations in order for your articles to be published.

In addition to covering your favorite producers and events, you will gain valuable experience that will help shape you as a person and guide you throughout your career.

We are very interested in adding creative people who yearn to develop original content. Some of our more innovative articles are below:

If you want to be an integral part of EDM.com's growth as a media outlet, please email me (Mike Walkusky) at Mike@EDM.com to schedule a Skype call.

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