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Madonna Making Music With Avicii

It's been almost two years since Madonna made the unfortunate decision to ask the Ultra crowd if anyone's seen molly during Avicii's set. Her appearance during Avicii's set made people wonder whether a collaboration between the two was on the horizon. There was radio silence for nearly two years until Madonna uploaded a photo to her Instagram today. Her caption for the photo says: "Doing some house work before heading to the studio with Avicci! #artforfreedom #clean." Yeah, she spelled the Swedish producer's name incorrectly.

This news comes just days after a Spanish-language article speculated on Madonna potentially working with Diplo. Diplo is currently one of just 21 people Madonna follows on Instagram.

Madonna was widely vilified following her careless comment at Ultra, but we cannot completely dismiss what she has done for music. She has been instrumental in bringing dance music to the masses, and she truly is a living legend. Sure, Madonna and Avicii might not be who you want to listen to, but a collaboration between the two is a momentous occasion. I am intrigued to hear what comes from their work in the studio.

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