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EDM.com Spotlight

Enter Bass For Autism's Incredicool Remix Competition

Get your remix featured on Bass for Autism Vol. 2.

On February 5 & 6, Bass for Autism hosted their first online music festival on Mixify.com. The artists involved in the event were then featured on Bass for Autism Vol. 1, and all of the proceeds went to support autism research at the Organization for Autism Research. Some of the biggest electronic artists participated such as Dodge & Fuski, Fractal, SubVibe, and Barely Alive.

Now you have the chance to be featured on Bass for Autism Vol. 2 by remixing Different Heaven & Omar Varela's "Incredicool." To enter the competition, make sure you follow all the instructions listed below and be sure to have your entry submitted by April 7. Good luck!

Incredicool Remix Competition Instructions:

  1. Download the stems: http://on.fb.me/1aKBqcF
  2. Upload your remix (publicly) to your SoundCloud account - DO NOT ENABLE DOWNLOADS.
  3. Include a link to the Bass for Autism page in the track description.
  4. Add it to the official SoundCloud group: http://bit.ly/1q07MXv 

The winner's remix will be released on Bass for Autism Vol. 2 alongside Savant and other masterminds. The runners-up will also be awarded. Make sure to show uniqueness and originality! Finally, get your entries in by April 7th for consideration.

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