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EDM.com Spotlight

Direct's 'Wanna Know You' EP Feels Like a Daydream

Inhale the illustrious sounds from Direct's 'Wanna Know You' EP

This sparkling new release from Direct is determined to leave an unforgettable impression on you! Monstercat recently revealed his Wanna Know You EP, and this three-track production is the epitome of exceptionally chilled-out EDM. Each individual song adds their own unique flavor to this melting pot of aural magnificence, so please don’t be shy about entirely immersing yourself in these ear-encompassing compositions.

The opener for this brilliant batch of tunes is none other than my personal favorite, from the litter, “Wanna Know You.” Decorated with silky vocals (thank you Holly Drummond) and soft-hearted synth work, this dubstep lullaby’s only goal is to lurk around the inside of your skull for the better part of next few months. As we transition into “Scars,” you’ll quickly find yourself swept up in a wave of profound instrumentation and riveting percussion patterns. Honestly, it’ll knock your freaking socks off! “False Dawn” is the final ballad to chime in and if you enjoy dubstep so deep that you’ll swear you’ve fallen into a bottomless pit, then you’re in luck. Dark, foreboding, and downright intimidating at times, this bass-heavy warrior is suited up and ready for battle.

Whether you’re looking to blow off some steam or just making the most of a relaxing day, this new release from Direct is as chill as they come.

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