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Skrillex Answers Fan Questions In Awesome Reddit AMA

Skrillex answered dance fans' burning questions during a reddit AMA on Friday. The OWSLA boss came off as an extremely personable and modest individual. There were over 500 questions being thrown at the producer, but Skrillex kept his cool and answered what he deemed to be the most interesting and relevant questions.

EDM.com compiled a list of some of the top questions and answers, just in case you missed out.

Q: How does it feel having your own Disney character? :)

Skrillex: Its fucking crazy... waaaayyy crazier then winning grammys in my head.. still pinching myself...

Q: How was your experience working with A$AP Rocky?

Skrillex: Amazing,.. really organic and fast. He's super talented and has a lot of input...

Q: Gotta ask it.. Why did you release a remix of Bug Hunt and not the original? The original is way too good to remain unreleased forever.

Skrillex: But forreall... didnt realize how many of you really love OG bughunt... Puts a new fire under my ass to finish it, put it out... but here's the question.. There are 2 versions..Which to do prefer? The one i played at Tomorrowland 2012 Or the one thats at the end of the "Skrillex in Mexico" clip?

Skrillex: Honestly, this AMA is pretty fucking awesome.. sort of one of those moments where I really get to see the passion (for better or for worse) people have for their Skrillex opinions.. I'm thankful people care at all.. Something i don't take for granted

Q:Two very different questions:

  1. How would you respond to someone who said that dubstep wasn't music?
  2. Will you please do an Skrillex: Unplugged concert? Like having a 200 piece orchestra of insanely strange objects-- wood saws, hammers, and squeaky hinges-- and using them all to recreate the music you created.

Skrillex: Lol... Dunno What I'd say.. i dont really feel like I have to put energy into ppl who chose not to see the musical side in "dubstep"...

For people who are into the harder "dubbbbZZZsTEppZZYYY BosSTEPZ" sounds.. im really fuckn' with these kids right now! Super unknown but SO raw... https://soundcloud.com/dubloadz https://soundcloud.com/trollphace

Q: Hello, Sonny! • How do you process vocals? • What are some of your favorite VSTs that few people know about? • Do you have / have you ever had tinnitus? 

Skrillex: Im using lots of stuff! Depends on the sound, song... there's no right way. But WAVs CLA vocal is nice to throw on to get that pop sound... I use melodyne alot for tuning, getting weirder sounds... And no knocks on wood i have had tinnitus but it try to take care my ears as best as i can 

Q: We're producing nerds who will take everything you say and process it like Socrates explaining the meaning of life. That'd be a good AMA for those who used to be like you, learning the craft and trying to make something we're proud of.

Skrillex: At the end of the day it's DANCE music.. dancing is supposed to be fun. Dance music should be fun to... I don't think it's meant to be taken so seriously... it's not politics. More so than a genre, I think success has to come with being open about your personality, doing YOU and not giving a FUCK what people have to say. Those are the people who catch my attention at least. I come form hardcore and punkrock.. I came from the uncool lunch tables. I feel like there's this jock elitist mentality when it comes to dubstep in particular which is so against everything I stand for. BEING yourself, and not giving a fuck what others think. Not judging others.. For fuck sakes it's just MUSIC. stop taking it so seriously and have fun.. And if you dont like something, then just fkn forget about it! :)

Q: Skrillex, what song blew your mind the most, the first time you heard it?

Skrillex: thats a good one... as far as electronic goes...so hard to pick one... Of course there are my classic influences like Daft, Justice, Aphex, whatever... But man i can remember when i first heard FirePower by Wolfgang Gartner.. it FUCKED me up ... so good

Q: What's your very best life advice?

Skrillex: keep GOOD/POSITIVE people around you.. You are the company you keep. If you surround yourself with with creative, hungry, and productive people, it will make you have to step up your game... if youre around lazy people who complain then you'll never grow as a person.. keep good people close!

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