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EDM.com Spotlight

Skrillex's Alien Ride App Might Include New Music

Skrillex keeps making waves in the music industry. In addition to answering his fans' questions during a reddit AMA on Friday, he retweeted an intriguing photo from SuS Boy.

It was soon revealed that Alien Ride is a Skrillex-sponsored remake of the old Asteroids game. You can download the app if you have an iPhone or Android smartphone. The game is a lot of fun, but the secret folder and countdown on the app are what have truly piqued the interest of Skrillex fans.

The folder has a red lock, and it won't allow you to access it when you tap it. The countdown will hit zero at 3:30pm PST/6:30pm EST. There has been a great deal of speculation regarding what the folder will include. I have put my faith in the great sleuthers of reddit, specifically a redditor named "Vanitious." Vanitious went through the code of the app and discovered code for 11 songs, a music player, and a preorder link.

We aren't 100% sure what will happen once the countdown reaches zero, but I believe tomorrow will be a big day for Skrillex fans.

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