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EDM.com Spotlight

Weekly Playlist: The Zone

Get in the zone with a chill trap inspired mix

You know that feeling you get when you’re completely focused on whatever it is you’re doing and if anyone distracts you it will not end well? I like to refer to that feeling as being “in the zone.” For me it tends to happen when I’m writing, reading, or playing Guitar Hero (yes that is still a thing in my world). The zone is a beautiful place to be when I’ve got a deadline to meet or a high score to decimate, but it’s also not an easy place to find. The art of getting into the zone is a delicate one that benefits greatly from a solid playlist, which is what led to this week’s playlist: The Zone. It’s a mix of chill trap and regular trap to help suppress that urge to dance while still giving your brain the perfect soundtrack to drown out the world.

Kicking things off this week are Haywyre & Galimatias with “Voice of Reason,” a slow-tempo track with a funk undertone. The tempo picks up slightly with the EDM.com exclusive, “Volcano” by AU8UST (Prod. By CRNVL) before heading right into one of my favorite tracks: “Affection” by $aturn.

Next up is Ianborg & Bronze Whale’s remix of Jaymes Young’s “Moondust,” a slightly-up-tempo-for-trap track with vocals so smooth they flow right through you. Sticking with the astrology theme, “Goodnight” by Cosmo’s Midnight pairs so well with “Moondust” that it’s easy to think the tracks were created by the same artist.

Things pick up as the playlist continues with “Love 4 You” by World Class Art Thieves before dropping back down as Electric Mantis takes control with the syncopated rhythm of “Ticking and Tocking.” The last tracks on the list this week read like a failed one-night-stand but are much more enjoyable. “Sexual Party” by Imlay samples from Marvin Gaye’s “Sexual Healing”, while “Strike Out” by Da-P utilizes more percussive instruments than any other track on the list. Rounding things out is “Escapade” by Skrux, and slow-tempo track that really knows how build and ends with the addicting voice of Matthew Koma singing Zedd’s “Find You” chorus.

Got a go-to playlist for when you need to get things done? What about just a track? Let us know on Twitter.

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